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Edmond Divorce Attorney

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What does it take to be a good lawyer? I think it requires legal knowledge, extensive experience and demonstrated skill in crafting legal solutions for people that better their lives. Just as important, it requires genuine empathy for clients, and a sincere desire to see them succeed.

Hello. I am attorney Julia A. Wilson, in Edmond, Oklahoma. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a lawyer and to help people. I began working at my first job at a law firm when I was 17. I worked for years as a paralegal before finishing law school and passing the bar.

Today, I have nearly 30 years of experience in the legal field. I have passed exams to practice law in Oklahoma, California and the District of Columbia. I am a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association, the Oklahoma County Bar Association and the California Bar Association. I have represented hundreds of clients over the years by listening to their stories, evaluating their situations and doing everything in my power, and the power of the law, to help them attain the results they need.

I am thoroughly dedicated to providing personal attention and high-quality legal services to my clients. I am a solo practitioner, which means that if you retain me, you will have my full attention and will not be passed off onto staff members.

Oklahoma City Family Law Attorney

My law firm, Law Office of Julia A. Wilson, represents clients throughout the Oklahoma City metro area in legal matters involving family law, estate and probate law, bankruptcy law and criminal defense, particularly:

Uncommon Dedication To Service

Service is important to me, and to my clients. Earlier in my career, I worked for big law firms in which I was often required to delegate work to associates, paralegals and other staff members. In my experience, this was not the best way for me to serve my clients.

I prefer to be 100 percent engaged with my clients and their legal matters. As a sole practitioner, I am able to do that. I meet with my clients, discuss their cases in detail, and learn the details of their situations from both a legal and a personal perspective. I answer my own phone and emails, I file my own paperwork, and I represent my clients responsibly, ardently and fully.

While some attorneys might never meet their clients until they get to court, I make it a priority to be involved with my clients at every stage, communicating with them, apprising them of developments, and educating them so they can make informed decisions about the matters that affect them most.

Free Consultation | Edmond Divorce Lawyer

My office is located in Edmond, Oklahoma, a northern suburb of Oklahoma City. My hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, but I can be available for weekend and evening appointments. I accept payment by MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

I understand that money is important, and because of this, I make payment plans and other fee arrangements available to clients on a case-by-case basis. Further, I offer free, initial consultations to my prospective clients.

I understand how challenging, unfamiliar and intimidating legal conflicts can be. Let me be your voice in negotiations and in court. Whether you are seeking a divorce, are trying to defend your rights to see your children, or have another problem that requires a legal solution, contact me online at the Law Office of Julia A. Wilson or by calling 405-513-7318.


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